Hiring a car from Dalaman airport

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Hiring a car from Dalaman airport

The Dalaman region of Turkey forms part of the country's 'Turquoise Coast'. This stretch of coastline is just mile upon heavenly mile of crystal clear, bright blue waters and hidden coves. It's so nice, that loggerhead turtles return each year to stow their babies on the sandy shore.

Why hire a car in Dalaman Airport?

That all important first mile - driving out of Dalaman Airport:

Dalaman airport Q&A

Where are the car hire desks?

Once you've recovered from the shock of how warm and sunny it is, collect your luggage then head to the arrival's hall where all the car hire desks are located.

What should I buy at duty free?

Avoid the scrum at baggage reclaim and take a stroll instead to Airlet, the Duty Free shop located near the carousels. We recommend picking up a 'Turkish Eye' trinket. These symbolic charms are very important in Turkish culture, intended to ward off the envy and ill wishes of others. Hang it on the mirror in your car to protect you from fellow travellers who will be jealous of your four-wheeled freedom and your air conditioning.

Are there any cashpoints?

There are a number of cash machines located around the terminal building, as well as a bureau de change.

Where's the best place to eat?

If checking-in your suitcases filled with holiday souvenirs has given you an appetite, pop to the Cafe Turca. It's the only food outlet in the airport which offers you local cuisine, and a view of the Mediterranean.

The secret tip

Take everything you think you know about a really good cup of tea and forget it. Cay, or tea, Turkish style is refreshing and incredibly moreish. There are tea houses all over the country offering small glasses of the stuff, expect it served with sugar and without milk. It's different but it's good.

Dalaman airport the gateway to...

Daylan Mud Baths

Distance : 19 miles

Don't waste time before your holiday dieting, moisturising and doing squats in the bathroom, simply start your holiday in Daylan. Said to be a place where growing old is forbidden, you can look ten years younger within a few hours of landing just by laying in these natural, mineral-rich mud-baths.

Köyceiz Town

Distance : 22 miles

This idyllic town offers a level of tranquillity you won't find near the more popular coastal areas or cities. Take a walk around the quiet lake, a boat ride across the water or just sit and admire the view of the Taurus Mountains while you sip delicious Turkish tea.

Bay of Göcek

Distance : 15 miles

This gorgeous port town caters for the sophisticated traveller. If you chose to sail your yacht to Turkey instead of flying, you can moor it here before collecting your hire car.Surrounded by mountains, the marinas of Göcek and their boutiques, cafes and galleries make this a place in which you can linger, and re-consider the plans you had for your future lottery winnings.

and 4 to drive to...

1. Marmaris

One of the busier destinations in Turkey, Marmaris has plenty to keep you entertained for a day-trip, or several in a row. For shopping, beaches and nightlife this is the place to be.

how to get there?

Take the D555 highway north from the airport and stay on it until the Mugla/Fethiyre Yolu/D400 is signposted. Take a left and follow this all the way into town.

2. Pamukkale

Described by the locals as the '8th Wonder of the World', this natural phenomenon, formed by thousands of years of mineral deposits has created a bright white mountain of thermal springs and basins for you to bathe in. Pack a towel in the boot of your hire car and you're good to go.

how to get there?

It's a long journey, but the most worthwhile ones always are. Expect to be on the road for just under five hours. From Dalaman, follow the D400 highway toward Mugla Fethiye. Take a left on the D330 toward Denizli Mugla Yolu and follow signs for these towns. When the road forks, take the left, marked D585/E87 and continue until Pamukkale is signposted.

3. Aqua-Dream Waterpark

For a fun, family day out head to the Aqua-Dream Waterpark just outside Marmaris. It is the largest water park in Turkey and is located at the foot of the mountains with spectacular sea and coastal views. Crammed with pools, flumes and white knuckle rides, this is one not to miss .

how to get there?

Take the D555 highway from the airport. Turn left onto the D400 towards Marmaris Mugla Yolu and as you approach the town, the park should be signposted.

4. The Sunken City of Kekova

The sunken city of Kekova is literally just that - the ancient remains of a city rising from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterannean Sea. The site is protected, so leave the hire car at Demre harbour and take one of the boat tours, the operator will let you know where you can swim. Take a mask, a snorkel and an underwater camera if you can.

how to get there?

Follow the D555 highway out of the airport. Turn left onto the D400 and follow it into Demre Kas Tolu. Pick up sighns for Kolcular Sk and follow these to the marina.