Hiring a car in Cyprus

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Hiring a car in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of few islands in the world where you can snorkel, sunbathe and ski. Expect crystal clear waters, abundant marine life and great beaches along the coast, pine forests and mountains in the centre, and great shopping with historical sites in between.

Why hire a car in Cyprus?

That all important first mile - driving out of the Airport:

60-second guide to Cyprus

In its own head...

Ayia Napa is the party capital of the Mediterranean, no-one does it better

...but more realistically

Ayia Napa is a big draw for partygoers, but in reality it accounts for only a fraction of the visitors who come to the island. Laid-back living is the order of the day across most of Cyprus.

The vibe

Peace and quiet rules, but the warm air can tempt you to a vibrant town for a night out to remember.

The natives

Hospitality is as important to Cypriot culture as sunshine - expect a warm reception.

The weather

It gets hot. Really hot. Average temperatures in coastal areas stay in the mid-20s all year, but in July and September this can reach a scorching 30°C. Renting a car makes it easy to cool off, - either turn the air-conditioning up, or head inland to the Troodos Mountains where skiing is possible in the winter.

The local speciality

Never order the meze unless you have an elasticated waistband. This is the meal that just keeps on giving. A meze comprises of a seemingly endless supply of dishes being brought to your table throughout an evening. You will not go home to your hotel, or the UK, hungry.

The celebrity

King of the six-pack, Peter Andre, and singer, Tulisa Contostavlos both trace their roots back to Cyprus

Did you know?

Some say that the Cypriots were last in the queue to receive a gift from God. He had nothing left to give, but they persisted so he gave them intrigue. We’d say that he gave them a whole lot more than that.

They say...

"Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West and a new experience awaits you under the sun every day." - Visit Cyprus

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