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Car hire in Chester Downtown

Forget what you may have seen in Hollyoaks - pick up your hire car in Chester and discover a chic town steeped in history.

60-second guide to Chester Downtown

in its own head

"We're like a Savile Row suit - a cut above the rest in the north-west. Tailor-made for visitors, Chester looks great, oozes style and class and is the perfect size - not too big, not too small."

but more realistically

Yes, there's no shortage of chic shops and bijou bars in Chester. But it's also a historical town that comes complete with Roman ruins and Tudor townhouses.

the vibe

Don't rush, amble. Chester was built for the pleasant stroll. And don't forget to admire the architecture and indulge in some heavy duty window-shopping while you're at it.

the natives

It's nothing like Hollyoaks. The people here are more cultured than their TV counterparts - and are less inclined to run off with their best mate's loved one!

the weather

You can't get away from it, the rain likes Chester. Your umbrella will get its hardest workout in the winter months, but the summers are pleasant and mild.

the local speciality

Chester has an eclectic spread of restaurants, in both price and cuisine. But, if you can, spend a Sunday hunkered down in an old pub with a roast.

the celebrity

You might catch a glimpse of the Hollyoaks cast or a footballer's wife. The more fortunate might see James Bond - Daniel Craig was born here.

did you know?

Apparently, under an ancient law, it is illegal for a Welshman to enter Chester after nightfall. Enforcement, though, is lax.

they say

"Old enough to make your spine tingle, yet young enough in spirit to be effortlessly fashionable." -

5 to see in town...

1. City Walls

Wandering around the city walls will not only give you a sense of Chester's rich history - they were originally built by the Romans - it'll also give you a good workout. There are two miles of them.

where to park?

Since the walls encircle the whole town, you can use any of Chester's 12 central car parks.

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2. Grosvenor Museum

This museum handily gives you a run down of the major moments in the city's history, so you won't be caught out if you ever find yourself in a discussion of Chester's role in medieval Britain!

where to park?

There is no parking at the museum itself, but you can use the car park in Little Roodee.

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3. The Rows

Don't worry, Chester isn't a really argumentative place - the Rows are actually a series of Tudor and Victorian buildings which are home to an array of independent shops.

where to park?

You can park your hire car in the NCP on Pepper Street.

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4. Chester Cathedral

People have been worshipping here for over 1,000 years and cathedrals don't come much grander than this.

where to park?

There are several car parks nearby. The Princess Street and Goss Street car parks are free after 3pm.

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5. Chester Racecourse

Horseracing and Chester are made for each other. Both are popular with the area's upper crust and are ideally suited to quaffing champagne and behaving in a regal manner.

where to park?

Parking is available only for cars with a car pass, which can be purchased in advance or from pay lane booths on race days. Alternatively, there is a public car park on nearby New Crane Street.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Llandudno

Settlements have existed in this Welsh town since the Stone Age, but it was the Victorians who really took to the place, lining the seafront with handsome townhouses and hotels.

how to get there?

Head westwards on the A55 then take the A470 towards Llandudno. It's about a 48-mile drive.

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2. Manchester

Manchester is the cultural powerhouse of northern England. If you're craving some cosmopolitan kicks, make your way here.

how to get there?

Manchester is about 40 miles north-east of Chester. Follow the M56 all the way there.

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3. Snowdon

Climbing Britain's second highest mountain might not be your cup of tea. But the views in the Snowdonia National Park will be, and you can look at them from the warmth of your car.

how to get there?

Go west on the A55 then join the A548. Snowdon is around an hour and a half from Chester.

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4. Liverpool

You may have heard of a band called the Beatles, they were quite popular once. Visit their home city and discover some of the places that inspired them.

how to get there?

Head out of the town on the M53, which takes you into Liverpool in about 40 minutes.

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