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Hiring a car from Bari airport

Get in your hire car, cruise along and enjoy this delightful harbour city on the heel of Italy.

60-second guide to Bari airport

in its own head

"We're the pride of southern Italy, a stunning, fruitful city just spitting distance away from the Adriatic Sea!"

but more realistically

Yes, it's all that, but it's also a hard working, urban city - one crammed with history, and a mix of Roman, Arabic and Norman culture.

the vibe

Bari has the bustle of any harbour city, and the university provides it with a strong youthful buzz as well.

the natives

You'll find lots of tired workers and famished fishermen, but with a thriving tourist trade, the locals will be happy to have you on board.

the weather

It's southern Italy, so expect a consistently sweltering heat during the long summer months.

the local speciality

The food is excellent and a local calzone with onions, anchovies, capers and olives is highly recommended.

the celebrity

Pope Urban VI and Pope Benedict XIII both hailed from the area.

did you know?

Bari is the second most important economic area in southern Italy after Naples.

they say

"One of southern Italy's most compelling cities." - Time Out

5 to see in town...

1. Pane e Pomodoro Beach

Bari's sandy beach is a great spot for a sunbathe or a stroll. It's popular with surfers too, should you want to catch a wave.

where to park?

The purpose-built parking area further down the coast on Corso Trieste costs €1 for the day, which also entitles you to catch a shuttle bus into town.

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2. Pinacoteca Provincale

This has been described as an 'Italian Artistic Paintings Museum', which is, in normal speak, an art gallery. It's a fantastic one, mind.

where to park?

Street parking in the Madonella neighbourhood is not easy but affordable at €1 an hour. Otherwise, splurge on the privately managed Silopark Sonnino on Corso Sonnino.

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3. Basilica di San Nicola

This stunning building looks more like a giant house than a church. Thousand upon thousand of pilgrims head here every single year.

where to park?

Leave your hire car at Piazzale Colombo near the docks or on via Ruggero il Normanno by the citadel for €1 an hour.

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4. Castello Normanno-Svevo

Impressive stronghold first built in 1131, destroyed 25 years later and rebuilt in various stages over the following four centuries.

where to park?

The San Francesco multi-storey car park on via Trevisani near the Maritime Railway Station costs €2 an hour or €20 per day.

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5. Stadio San Nicola

Designed by Renzo Piano for the 1990 World Cup, the city's football stadium is nicknamed 'astronave' (spaceship) for its futuristic shape.

where to park?

Except for sold-out matches, parking is fairly straightforward, with space available for 10,000 cars against a maximum capacity of 58,000 people.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Castel del Monte

A great looking castle - the only thing missing is a moat. They must have been very confident noblemen back in 13th-century Italy.

how to get there?

Take the SP231 west from Bari. It will take an hour to get to Castel del Monte.

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2. The Trulli of Alberobello

These blinding white houses with strange cone-shaped roofs look like only elves or wizards would ever live in them. Kids will be dazzled, therefore.

how to get there?

Head south on the SS100, then onto the SS172. It should take an hour to get there from Bari.

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3. Grotte di Castellana

Bari farmers used to believe these underground caves were the spooky gates to Hell, which is reassuring.

how to get there?

Go south from Bari on the SS100. Take the SP147 at Putignano and it should take around 50 minutes.

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4. Naples

Bari's big sister is a bustling Italian city fired up by the volcanos that surround it.

how to get there?

Head west out of the city on the A4. It should take you just under three hours to get to Naples.

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