Holiday Like a Boss in Spain & France

Summertime is around the corner and it got us into thinking about our holidays. The first countries that popped into our minds are Spain and France: sunshine + lovely food = Yes please!

When on holidays there are some behaviours that give us away as tourists like wearing socks and sandals to the beach or pronouncing [Pa-e-la] instead of “Paella” [Pa-e-ya].

If you want to have an authentic experience the best way to do so is by speaking the local language. Unfortunately, learning Spanish or French in less than a month to be ready for the summer is almost impossible.
But, fear not mes amies. We have compiled the ultimate tourist-proof list of phrases for when dining out or driving around Spain and France.

Facebook or Tweet us and let us know if you find them useful. We will certainly be using them during our next trip to Malaga. Tapas anyone?


Dining Out

Blog-Spanish-Restaurant 2



Driving Around



Dining Out

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Driving Around


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