Full to Full Car Hire Fuel Policy Explained

August, 2019.

Car hire fuel options are one of the most common customer pain points. Read on to learn about the only fuel policy you should consider for your holiday car hire.
Full to full fuel policy

Holiday Autos offer 3 fuel policy options; full to full, quarter to quarter and same to same.

89% of Holiday Autos’ customers have booked full to full car hire in the last 12 months. When you pick up the vehicle, check that the tank is full. Return the vehicle with a full tank and you’ve sealed the deal. For those who wish to avoid wasting fuel and simply pay for the fuel they use, the full to full fuel policy is the best option. In this way, it's particularly helpful for shorter distances!

It’s also the most transparent way to handle the car hire fuel situation as the price agreed on is what you get. Still not convinced? That’s why we’ve compiled the top 3 reasons why the full to full fuel policy is the best option for your next car hire adventure.

Percentage of fuel policy bookings in the past 12 months

Full to Full | Same to Same | Quarter to Quarter | Other |
89% 8% 2% 1%

Full to full fuel

Why choose full to full?

  1. Reduce Costs

    With the full to full fuel policy, you simply refill the fuel you’ve used and return the vehicle with a full tank. You are also paying the local rate for fuel so you know exactly where your money is going. This is ideal for those travellers who use their car hire for short journeys and won’t necessarily need a full tank of fuel. Inevitably, you just pay for the fuel you need!

  2. Hassle Free

    Some car hire suppliers offer the half to half fuel policy. It sounds cheaper, while in reality it can add both expense and stress to your trip. If you refuel the tank to half full on the way to your drop off point, the remaining distance to the airport may cause the fuel level to drop below half way again. In this case, car hire suppliers can be ruthless and charge you an inflated fee for not meeting the contractual half to half agreement.
    For hassle-free car hire, opt for the full to full fuel policy; you pick up the car with a full tank of fuel and return it with a full tank. Simple!
    Tip: Check the fuel gauge when you pick up the car, take a photo for reference and hang on to your receipt when you refill the tank.

  3. Transparency

    At Holiday Autos we want our customers to feel confident in every step of the hiring process. We recognise that fuel policy can be a source of confusion for customers. Unfortunately, this confusion can be seen as an opportune moment for suppliers to upsell at the customer service desk. Evidently, all ancillaries need to be double checked for possible hidden charges. See our comprehensive guide to car hire fuel policies.To ensure you are in complete control of what you are charged we would always recommend car hire with a full to full fuel policy .

fuel pump

It’s obviously a lot easier as a driver to return a full tank than a half-full tank. Returning the car with a full tank of fuel also rules out the possibility of companies placing obscure charges to your booking.

Make sure to check that the level of fuel supplied is stated on your contract and that this amount is recorded by your gauge. FYI once you have paid for a full to full fuel policy through your online booking, it’s important not to fall into the trap of paying for additional fuel at the car hire supplier's desk. Upselling is a common problem faced by car hire customers and once contractual agreements are made with the car hire supplier, Holiday Autos cannot interfere.

Ultimately, HolidayAutos.com want to make your car hire experience as seamless as possible! Our full to full fuel policy will give you that extra peace of mind so you can relax by the pool while the others catch the bus.

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