Top 7 Best Beaches in Mallorca (Or Majorca to Me & You)

September, 2018

As the largest Balearic island, Majorca (or Mallorca) has plenty to offer for visitors from all over the globe. The island’s Mediterranean location serves up the perfect weather with sunshine and a beautiful breeze for the majority of the year. And what better to do in the sunshine than head to the beach?


Away from the hustle and bustle, Majorca has some of the best beaches in the world. With a car you’ll be able to visit all of them no problem. Read on as we look at seven of the best beaches in Majorca – and what makes them so great.

Majorca or Mallorca?

First of all, let’s clear up the age-old question: What's the difference between Majorca and Mallorca? In short, nothing. Majorca and Mallorca is the same island. As a Spanish island, it’s known by the Spaniards as Mallorca – with the “ll” pronounced “y”.

The alternative spelling, Majorca, which sometimes leads to an alternative pronunciation – was introduced by the Brits. It’s thought travellers struggled to understand and correctly pronounce the double “l”, so resorted to a different spelling. There are suggestions that this alternative was fuelled by Latin “major”, meaning larger, alluding to its status as the largest Balearic island.

Anyway, that’s enough about spelling and pronunciation. Without further ado, here is the Holiday Autos list of the top ten Majorca beaches.


1. Es Calo des Moro

Easily one of the most beautiful places in Majorca is the Es Calo des Moro beach. Located on the island’s southern coast, the beach is owned and maintained by a private foundation, with no hotels or bars in eyeshot. The result? A stunning gem of natural beauty, with crystal waters and golden sands.
The beach itself is relatively small, and requires a short rocky descent to get to. Be careful. Once that’s out of the way, you’re in for a day of complete serenity.


2. Sa Calobra

Another stunning remote beach is Sa Calobra on the north-western coast of Majorca. To get to the beach, you’ll have to enter a mysterious tunnel which takes you through the mountain. At the end, you’ll find a half-pebble half-sand beach with some of the clearest water in the Mediterranean.
While it’s one of the most famous Majorcan spots, it rarely becomes too crowded like some of the tourist traps. Even better, the drive to Sa Calobra takes you on winding roads through the gorgeous Majorcan Mountains.

Sa calobra (majorca spain)

3. Playa de Formentor

You’ll find another of the best beaches in Majorca at its northernmost point. Playa de Formentor is a long, narrow beach with beautiful white sand and spectacularly clear water. Caribbean in appearance, the beach is backed by a lining of pine trees with vast green hills further in the backdrop.
Unlike some of the other beaches on this list, Formentor can get busy in the summer months. However, arrive early on and you’ll be set for a day of pure relaxation and enjoyment. Travelling by car, it’s well worth a ten-minute pit stop at El Mirador sa Creuta. This unbelievable viewpoint offers panoramic views of the sea and coast.


4. Cala Murta

Just off the route to Formentor is the less-known beauty spot of Cala Murta. Take a left just before you reach Playa de Formentor and head north-west for around 5 minutes. Eventually, you’ll reach a public parking space, where you can leave the car and head down a narrow path to Cala Murta.
After a 15-minute walk through Majorcan natural beauty, you’ll reach a small, secluded beach with white sand and small pebbles. Breathtaking cliffs surround the sun-trap, with an abundance of crystal clear water stretching out ahead of you. You might even spot some wild goats or donkeys, which are known to wander around the path to and from the beach.


5. Cala Tuent

Also to the north of Majorca is the tranquil retreat of Cala Tuent. A scenic drive through the winding mountainous roads brings you out at secluded, sandy beach surrounded by lush trees. The best bit? Cala Tuent sits in front of the Puig Major – Majorca’s highest peak. As well as having stunning views around the beach, you get to drive through the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range on your way to the beach.

Serra de Tramuntana - Mallorca
Image by H. Zell, Puig d'Alaró - Serra de Tramuntana - Mallorca, CC BY-SA 3.0

6. Playa de S’Amarador

What’s great about Majorca is that, wherever you’re staying, you can reach all corners of the island in less than 2 hours by car. To the south-east of the Spanish island is another of the most beautiful places in Majorca. Situated within Mondrago Natural Park, S’Amarador beach has the unique appeal of natural surroundings as far as the eye can see.
Resorts and hotels are swapped for forests, rocky coves and sand dunes, with magnificent deep-turquoise sea water glistening out in front of the beach. It’s easy to see why many visitors and locals see this as the best beach in Majorca – but that doesn’t mean it’s crowded. You’ll easily find space to sunbathe, swim and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

MallorcaCala Mondrago Image by dronepicr, Mallorca schönste Strände Cala Mondrago (30512903380), CC BY 2.0

7. Cala Agulla

Head to the east of Majorca and you’ll find one of the best beaches in Majorca for water-sports and beach sports. For the active beach-dwellers among us, Cala Agulla is the perfect way to spend a day (or even a week or two) in Majorca.
The 500-metre long beach has volleyball, snorkelling and a range of water-sports in its clear waters. Rent a paddle boat or kayak, try out stand-up paddle-boarding, book a diving trip or boat excursion. It’s up to you how you spend your day.

panorama cala agulla
Image by Dirk Vorderstraße, Panorama Cala Agulla - Bucht, Cala Ratjada (10573574754), CC BY 2.0

Freedom in Majorca

Majorca has some of the best beaches in the world. And whichever you choose, it’s quicker and easier to get there when you rent a car.

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