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At Holiday Autos we understand that car hire isn't the highlight of your holiday. We want to give you some easy guides, fun content and top tips to ensure that you can focus on the most enjoyable aspects of your trip and enjoy an even happier holiday.

Why You Should Visit Malaga Right Now: Top 7 Things To Do In The Spanish City

Heading to Malaga on your holidays? As you wander around the city through the cobble stone streets and laneways lined with traditional shops, you'll notice the city centre is full of stunning Spanish architecture. Here are 7 things you can do in the gorgeous Spanish city.

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Discover Corfu's Soul: 5 Must-see Road Trip Destinations

Looking for some road trip inspiration? Here are 5 must-see destinations that reflect the authentic Corfu and life beyond her resort-laden shores. Exploring Corfu by car is as enjoyable as it is convenient.

9 Things You Must Avoid When Hiring a Car

Have you had a frustrating moment just trying to get to your holiday? What about an experience as bad as Steve Martin’s character in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? He may need a holiday from his holiday …

The Perfect Croatian Road Trip

Croatia has become one of the world's top emerging destinations. Here's a quick guide to an amazing Croatian road trip.

Planning a solo roadtrip

If you are planning a solo trip make sure to remember the following points to ensure you have a great experience.

Helping Struggling Families Have Happier Holidays

Holiday Autos are proud partners of the Family Holiday Association. Find out more about you can help the Family Holiday Association continue their great work.

Why your family will thank you for hiring a car on your next holiday

Hiring a car could be the best decision you make for a harmonious and fun family holiday.

Car hire fuel policies explained

When booking a car, the fuel policies can seem daunting for anyone who doesn’t rent regularly. We want to help ensure you get the most suitable option for your holiday so we’ve listed some of the available options and given our recommendation.

5 car hire pitfalls to avoid

Be aware of the five car hire pitfalls and make sure you don’t fall into them, so you can get your holiday off to a great start.

The World's Worst Car Hire Advice

Bad car hire advice is unfortunately very common. To help you avoid some of the most frequent mistakes we have tips for navigating bad car hire advice.

Simple checklist for getting the best car hire deal

Finding the best car hire deal doesn’t have to be difficult if you tick each item off our handy checklist.